Budget-friendly activities to do on the school holidays

Budget-friendly activities to do on the school holidays

With the school holidays seemingly always around the corner, many parents are on the lookout for fun budget friendly activities to do with their kids. Below are some different activities to keep your toddlers entertained, without the costly price tags attached.


Cupcakes are a relatively easy food to bake, and the best thing about them is that there are hundreds of different ways to flavour them or make them tasty. Websites such as taste.com.au and bestrecipes.com.au have heaps of recipes, including those with dietary requirements such as gluten free.


Identify plants and birds

If your little ones are interested in finding out more about the birds and plants they see when out walking, there are now apps which can help you to identify them. For plants, there are apps such as PlantNet, PlantSnap and PictureThis, and for birds, there are apps such as the Australian Birds Guide. All these apps are free and are available on the Apple Store and Google Play.



Origami is the ancient Japanese art of folding pieces of paper to make animals, food and other objects. There are literally thousands of websites instructing you in how to make origami, and the best thing is that it can be attempted by children of almost any age, with paper found from around the home.


Movie theatre

Grab some popcorn, make some healthy snacks, and pop on your favourite movie. It’s really easy to get the cinema experience at home, without needing huge couches or a massive television.


Science experiments

Do you know what happens if you mix vinegar and baking soda? Or food colouring, paper towel and water? There are tonnes of science experiments you can do at home with the kids, using simple ingredients that you may already have lying around. Check out some of the amazing experiments we have on our Instagram, or if you do an online search for ‘DIY science experiments’, you’ll find thousands of websites instructing you in fun and safe science for children of all ages.


Indoor camping

If it’s too cold and wet outside or you can’t get to a camping area, another great option is to camp indoors. It can be loads of fun for the whole family to sleep on the loungeroom floor, and you can do the usual camping activities like singing songs, telling stories, or eating yummy snacks.



If you can’t get to the Penguin Parade on Phillip Island, you can bring the penguins to you. Phillip island Nature Parks have been holding nightly Youtube livestreaming of the penguins arriving back to shore, which have been incredibly popular with viewers, and you can also learn a lot about the penguins as you watch. You can watch the livestreaming here.