Fun Kids Activities To Do This Weekend

Fun Kids Activities To Do This Weekend

As a parent, you know that it can sometimes be difficult finding new ways to entertain your children at home. Whether its bad weather keeping you indoors or perhaps you’re trying to save a little bit of money, this blog will show you a heap of fun kids activities you can do at home that should keep them engaged for hours.

Scavenger hunt

Most kids like a game of hide and seek, so a scavenger hunt is a great way to challenge them. Simply work out which objects will be hidden and then take turns to hide them while the finder closes their eyes. And the best thing about a scavenger hunt is that it can be done indoors and/or outside, and people of almost any age can do it.

Pillow fort

You probably already have everything you need to create a pillow fort just lying around the house. Small tables, chairs, blankets, pillows, cushions, teddy bears, cardboard boxes – almost anything can be used to construct a fort. For a bit of extra fun, the kids can have a picnic in the fort, play card games, or watch a movie. You can even let the kids sleep in the fort overnight as a fun treat.


You don’t have to spend heaps of money buying playdough from a shop when you can easily make it at home with only a few ingredients. This recipe requires no cooking at all – just mix all the ingredients in a bowl – so the kids can easily help make it .For a bit of extra fun you can mix colours or put in sparkles.  We promise your kids will be entertained with the playdough for hours, best of all you can pack it up and bring it out another day.


Origami is the popular Japanese art of folding pieces of paper to create animals and other objects. The website includes instructions on creating dozens of animals, all just from paper.

Indoor camping

You don’t have to travel for hours to go camping. Why not do it in your lounge room? Or if you have the space, set up a tent outside. Grab your pillows, sleeping bags, and blankets and camp out. Cook some popcorn, watch a movie, play some games and get out the hot chocolate with marshmallows. Not only will it be fun for the kids to go “camping” but its a fun way to take a break from your usual routine and feel like you’ve had a “holiday”.


Inside or outside, warm weather or cold, a picnic is a great way for the whole family to sit down and take their time enjoying a meal. You can make cheese and antipasto platters, mini pizzas, homemade dips, and any number of dishes that can be easily shared.

Pretend restaurant

Find out what’s in your fridge and pantry, make some menus, set the table, get cooking, and now you have your own private restaurant. To make your kids feel extra special, everyone can get dressed up, and parents and kids can take turns being the customers.

Write letters

Remember the days before email when we used to write letters to people? Grab some paper and create a few letters to friends and family. It doesn’t matter if they live next door or in another country – everyone loves receiving a letter in the mail.


If you don’t mind a bit of computer or TV time, then these options can help you explore the world and the universe in much greater detail.

Google Maps

Ever wanted to visit a country but haven’t had the chance yet? Scroll through Google Maps and look at rugged landscapes in countries far away from here, or go through the streets of bustling cities. You can even learn a lot about geography, such as capital cities, the names of rivers and mountain ranges, and which countries border each other.


You don’t need to be outside in darkness in order to see the stars and planets. With the SkyView app, you can use virtual reality technology to see the positions of celestial bodies, space junk and satellites at any time of day or night. Open the app, point it in different directions, and you’ll see the wonders of space right in front of you. If you tap on an object, you can also read lots of information on it. The SkyView app is free but you can also pay AU$2.99 for more functionality. It’s available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.