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The world’s changing, and so is our experience of parenting. While the journey can be rich and rewarding, it’s also filled with discovery and uncertainties. As a global leader in paediatric nutrition, Biostime® Nutrition is bringing together parents to share, connect, celebrate and learn more about the triumphs and tensions of parenting the Next Generation.

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Miranda Kerr

Biostime® Nutrition is proud to have Next Generation mum, entrepreneur and wellness advocate Miranda Kerr as our global partner. Endeavouring to provide the very best for her children, Miranda trusts Biostime® Nutrition as the next generation of paediatric nutrition.

Presenting Partner of Melbourne Museum’s 

Bright minds start early, so Melbourne Museum & Biostime Nutrition are helping little ones wake up to play opening an hour early five days a week with Play Box, a new program for toddlers.

Meet Our Experts

Karina Savage

Clinical Paediatric Dietitian (Nutritionist)

Karina is a mum of two and leading Paediatric Gut Health Dietitian from Smartbite Nutrition. She loves enhancing the lives of children with tricky gut conditions and sharing her expert knowledge with other health professionals.

Shira Kramer

Physiotherapist and Fitness Professional

Shira Kramer is the founder of BeActive Physio in Melbourne and an industry leader in exercise programming for pre- and post-natal women. She has a passion for empowering mums to cope with the physical demands of motherhood and inspiring women to live and breathe active lives.

Stephanie Wicker

Child Behaviour Expert

Stephanie Wicker is an educator and founder of Simply Kids in Sydney, with over fifteen years of experience working across various facets of early childhood behaviour. She provides resources and evidence-based programs to empower parents to guide their children through life’s challenges calmly and mindfully.

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When it comes to nutrition, innovation, nature and science, we love new ideas and making things happen. If you have a question for our experts, or simply have story to share, we’d love to hear from you.

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